Simple. Flexible. Open Source.

ODIN is a flexible Open Source Command and Control Information System.

Military decision-making process

ODIN supports the military decision-making process by helping to document the current situation and to create graphical plans and orders.

Simple User Interface

Start easily - no complicated setup procedure required

Drag and Drop to add symbols to the map - Point and Click to make changes

Touch-Screen enabled user interface

Map focused operating

MIL-STD-2525C Symbols


Choose public basemaps like OpenStreetMap or or bring your own

Working in a team

Manage multiple projects

Switch quickly beetween projects

Share projects or just single layers over different channels like email, chat or USB memory stick

Multiple different data sources

Use basemaps via X/Y/Z, WMTS or WMS

Visualize GeoJSON data imported via Drag and Drop

Further Features

Platform independent (Windows, Linux and Mac)

Import and export of individual layers as GeoJSON

Multilingual, currently available in English and German.

Open Source

Full transparency, no surprises

No vendor lock-in

No obligation to register

Get ODIN now!

Download ODIN without registration and test it!


MIL-STD-2525D symbols

Terrain analysis

Custom symbols

APIs for the integration with own products

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Please contact us via email

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